After an experience of ten editions, the National Forum of the Togolese Peasant (FNPT) knows profound innovations from this 11th edition which will take place from April 11th to 13th in Kara, (450km from Lomé, the Togolese capital). The information was given Friday by the new Togolese Minister in charge of agriculture, animal production and fisheries, Noël Koutéra Bataka during a meeting with the press.

Indeed, under the theme: « Poles of agricultural transformation for potential in Togo: a new vision translated by the National Development Program (PND) », this 11th edition of the annual meeting of the actors of the agricultural world will be the one which marks a new beginning under the impetus of the new Minister, a technician of the field. Noël Koutéra Bataka wants to bring a new vision and a new orientation more professional and more participative based on convincing and concrete results to this meeting which will not be any more just a simple meeting of discussion, because for the Minister of agriculture, of animal and fishery production, Noël Koutéra Bataka « with the National Development Program (NDP) this implies a paradigm shift ». Thus, during this edition, the 11th, of the kind, « Sensitization and information sessions will be organized for the extension of the PND including investment opportunities in the agricultural sector in the context of the implementation of the PND . As well as the formalization of purchase contracts under the Risk-Based Agricultural Finance Incentive Mechanism (MIFA) and access to markets and factors of production to small producers through sector tables will be ensured. The innovations of the law on the land and land code in connection with the management of agricultural and rural lands as well as the agricultural orientation. This is through a direct dialogue between the actors of the agricultural world, financial and technical partners.

Speaking of innovations, the minister reminded that three sectors will be highlighted during this 11th edition. This is the cassava sector that enjoys a presidential project consisting of highlighting the potential of cassava which can be subject to 40 different dishes. The government’s goal is to integrate cassava flour into bread production. -Sesame is selected for the opportunities it offers on the international market. It is also the subject of a transformation project and the Fonio, which is one of the typical Togolese products. His various dishes will be presented during the forum. It is also planned round tables between the meetings and B & B at this edition to allow the actors present to be able to discuss deeply the perspectives of the Togolese agriculture.

The other great innovation is the organization of the Fair on the sidelines of this edition. This fair will be open 5 days before the opening of the Forum. According to Minister Noel Bataka, « to give value to agricultural potential, to promote and promote Togolese agricultural products on the national market and with the international operators who will participate ».

Speaking of the impact of the first ten editions of the FNPT, the Minister said that the forum has allowed the Togolese producers to be very solicit in international meetings because they already master the mechanisms of direct exchanges and high-level dialogues ; improving the quality of packaging of agricultural products, the decision to mechanize agriculture which was one of the recommendations of the 3rd edition of the Forum …


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