Lomé, « capital of peace », offers its hospitality to the protagonists of the conflict in Sudan and Darfur for peace talks.  The consultation meeting of the various actors involved in the Sudanese crisis is open on Sunday July 23, 2023 in Lomé.

Indeed, after more than four bloody clashes between the paramilitaries (FSR) of General Mohammad Hamdane Dagalo and the regular troops (SAF) of General Abdel Fattah al-Burhane, clashes that left more than 3,000 dead and several thousand displaced both internally and externally, the protagonists are in Lomé, « capital of peace » for discussions with a view to resolving the crisis.  The negotiations are led by the Togolese diplomacy which is actively working to find a solution between the Sudanese brothers in open conflict for more than four months now with around 3 million displaced Sudanese, including more than 600,000 abroad.  The war having engulfed the whole country to spread to West Darfur and then South Darfur.  The objective of the Lomé meeting is to provide the leaders of Darfur with an open discussion framework likely to mitigate the effects of the war and preserve the unity of its society.

Thus, Togo, under the enlightened leadership of President Faure Gnassingbé and his influential diplomacy on the African continent and with his legendary experience of peace meditation, is hosting a consultation meeting between all the warring parties to the conflict in Darfur.  Different actors from Darfur including politicians, political activists, academics, civil society… take part in this meeting in Lomé.  According to Lomé, « pacification in Darfur could pave the way for a negotiated solution in Sudan ».  During the two days of work, the Togolese meditation will try, thanks to its past experiences in mediation, to bring the positions of the various protagonists closer together with a view to adopting a plan to end the crisis in order to put an end to the war in Sudan.

It should be recalled that the Lomé meeting is not intended to call into question the peace discussions currently being carried out by Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Nations as well as the ongoing efforts of IGAD and neighboring countries… but to draw on its experience in peace mediation, to support all these ongoing steps for a rapid return to peace in this part of the continent.  The work ends on Monday July 2024 in Lomé


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