In Africa, one of the sectors most affected by the coronavirus health crisis remains the tourism sector. Thus, to allow this sector to be able to survive despite the presence of the coronavirus pandemic, it will be organized next September in South Africa, “The World Tourism Business Conference”. To better understand the contours of this conference, we met one of the speakers at this high-level meeting, our fellow journalist, Director of Kalo Africa Media, Kazeem Balogun. Read instead

Hello sir, tell us about the world conference on tourism which will take place next September in South Africa?

Kazeem Balogun: The World Tourism Business Conference is a unique thought process through which we hope to bring a fast track recovery to tourism business globally. In other words, it is a way of bringing businesses of tourism together for a discuss purposely to chat a path for robust discussions on how to keep tourism business in place within the existence of Covid-19 pandemic abd beyond.

What is the objective of such a conference

Kazeem Balogun: The objective is simply to keep tourism business going despite the presence of Covid-19 pandemic which has threatened the sector in the recent time. Even though, Covid-19 is a global and general phenomenon, but a sector to got beaten the most is tourism.

You will have to speak during this conference. Tell us, what will be your role and mission at this conference?

Kazeem Balogun: First I am doubled as a Guest Speaker and as an Ambassador for the conference so, as a speaker I hope to discuss about what role media can play in bringing about speedy tourism and economic recovery for countries and business globally.

You are a journalist and a tourism specialist. What is your view on African tourism?

Kazeem Balogun: African tourism seems to be making a lead way at a point before the pandemic change the course of things. But the fact remains that, the direction now shpuld be geared towards domestic tourism. But its imperative for us to know that African tourism has a great potential to earn for our respective countries ahuge forex which requires little strategic efforts from governments to put all the necessary mechanism in place so that the dividends prevalent within can be harnessed. So the future is brighter devoid of the pandemic.

As a Nigerian, how do you see, what place does tourism occupy in Nigeria’s economy?

Kazeem Balogun: Nigeria is still not take advantage of the huge potentials tourism presents to her. We seem to have a government that thinks low of tourism as a child’s play. The availability of crude oil has so engulfed their thought as a quick way of making money, so they hardly give tourism as another crude oil a thought whatsoever. Once we have a change of policy towards tourism from the angle of government, the country will be better for it. But let me quickly say that from the private sector. There is so much activations that are extremely novel and that are now helping us to have a little tourism step up we are seeing in the country.

Do you think that tourism can be an important contribution in the development of Africa? If yes, how ?

Kazeem Balogun: Yes tourism can be a great contributor to African development. This because tourism is used as a development factor in most African countries for instance if tourists get to any community the first thing they want to do is to purchase some stuff, soveniers etc l, this is a big development in Africa. Some even go to the extent of establishing big business, these are the positive effects of tourism. So its a pivital factor for African development the way its been since.


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